Why Buy Resale Property Turkey

Aralık 3, 2021

Why Buy Resale Property Turkey

Why resale?

We always say location is important the best locations and properties are always sold out quickly. Resale is the only way to get a really good property in Turkey

Market price should be agreed on resale is always a good value for money and a reasonable price of the real estate market,

All snagging and small jobs arisen in all brand new properties are already fixed,

The high rental potential makes easer to sale is available and proven by actual and real figures

Resale property in Turkey

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Buying a resale property in Turkey is both an excellent and the only option for those who search investment real estate close to beach or beachfront property for sale in Turkey Regan. Therefore, all of the limited number of close-to-beach properties for sale in Turkey has already been purchase from off plan Project and brand new, buyer are mainly British and European buyers so far. Now that the “good ones” are coming back to the market through resale, it is time to take this opportunity.

The duplex apartment and ground floor is one of the few best apartments in Turkey area, for sale by owner. For those who search for a property for sale in Turkey, Fethiye Bodrum Antalya and İstanbul area, there will be many choice with its central location also very close to the beach. For those who would like to go for one of the very good apartments Calis Beach Turkey, this is ideal with its beautiful architecture of both interior and exterior, and being in a very beautiful and very well maintained complex always sold quickly

Resale Property Turkey Occasion in Fethiye area

Fethiye, the fabulous and famous city and tourist resort area on the southwest coast of Turkey, is now the top property hotspot Turkey. Upon the significant interest of European buyers, holiday home concept developments have been built since 2021, and almost all “good homes in turkey” have been sold so far. Fethiye, becoming even more attractive for both holiday home buyers and investors, is now providing excellent buying opportunities through resale properties Turkey, Fethiye area, available both in the centre of Fethiye and in its five main property hotspot sub regions; Calis Beach, Uzumlu, Gocek Tasyaka, Seydikemer and Oludeniz (Hisaronu and Ovacik). The Fethiye area is now the most profitable place in the market of resale apartments and resale villas in Turkey, for those who wonder where to buy property in Turkey.

Property in Turkey Target Real Estate Market in Fethiye Area

Fethiye Town Centre

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Fethiye town is an excellent place to have a great time with many restaurants and Cafes along the new seafront promenade leading in the centre where you can have an interesting and nice romantic testy dinner in the fish market or in the restaurants located in Paspatur for and authentic atmosphere. Indoor and outdoor Bars clubs and Discos, good night life, shopping quarter, The Antic Theatre, Yacht Marinas and much more are available within the relaxing and easy life climate of Fethiye.

Calis Beach Sunset

Calis, the nearest beach resort to Fethiye town, became a town centre its own now as it has got all. Calis Beach is famous with picturesque sunset, sea breeze and the 5 km long beach promenade. New Hotels Restaurants, bars, shops, cafes, Water Park, Sunday market and all amenities for both relaxation and fun are available along the promenade and in lively centre of Calis. The main town Fethiye is 6/7 km away. You can visit there easily by any local transport and water taxi and waching amazing view of fethiye, ideally by water shuttle for a difference.

Oludeniz (Hisaronu & Ovacik)

With its real turquoise colour sea, Oludeniz has the most beautiful blue colour beach in Turkey and the 3th most beautiful beach in the world. It is in the same time one of the most popular paragliding centres in the Babadag Mountain, where air games are organized every year. As Oludeniz beach area not surprisingly highly protected, it is not allowed to build houses closer than 4 kilometers to the beach ölüdeniz protecti0n area only comercial business availabel. This means that, if you are considering a property for sale Oludeniz, you will actually consider a property for sale in ovacik & hisaronu, which is the residential area of Oludeniz. That is how Ovacik with its lively centre Hisaronu have recently been very popular with bars and clubs.

Ovacik, the residential area of many holiday villas and apartments, is geographically a very spacious area with amazing and relaxing mountain and sea views. The area has very fresh and healthy air as the humidity is low.

Hisaronu, the centre of Ovacik area, is one of the liveliest resorts in Turkey where you would get full of fun. The nicest restaurants and Cafés, the best outdoor and indoor bars and dancing bars are along the long main street. Amusement park, Water Park, Carting, shopping centres, street market, night life and all entertainments are available for an amazing holiday.

Climate in Turkey

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With over 299 sunny days a year, the area has an excellent climate with warm weather in winter hot weather in summer. The winter is almost one a half months only; December and January, where the temperature is 17 degrees Celsius minimum. You have summer season for almost 9 months where the temperature varies between 29 and 45 degrees.

It rains hard for a short while in the winter and then the clouds leave and the sun says Hi again. The sky is never completely covered by clouds more than a few hours.

The long summer season is full of sun with blue sky. The hottest month is August where the temperature leads to 40 degrees for some days. The local people miss the rain during the long summer time.

Property and living in Turkey, Fethiye

The Living cost in Turkey is considerably less than it is in Europe. The living cost in Fethiye is even much less than the bigger cities in Turkey. An income of around 300-400 GBP per person per month will afford a very nice living in prosperity and happiness in Fethiye. Here are a few examples of costs for the nice and easy life in Fethiye:

A very nice dinner in a good restaurant costs 10 to 20 GBP per person, including drinks

A nice lunch of kebabs, pizzas, fast food or Turkish food cost 3 to 8 GBP per person

Local transports cost 0.30 to 0.60 GBP per person, water shuttle 1.50 GBP

A boat trip all day including BBQ lunch cost 8 GBP per person

Brand new car hire costs 150-180 GBP per week (British driving license is valid in Turkey)

Nice walks along the beaches and seaside promenades, watching picturesque sunset, easy way of living with no rush, nice smells of flowers and nature, mountain and se views, friendly people, more than 300 sunny days a year, etc. are free of charge.

Expenses related to buying this property (approximate figures)

All possible figures paid once upon purchase:

100,000 GBP; Price of Property

3,000 GBP; Estate agent commission of 3%

4,000 GBP; Purchase tax of 4% (paid upon the receipt of the Title Deed)

800 GBP; Solicitor fee (in case the buyer wish to involve a solicitor, only)

300 GBP; All paperwork (Notary, Power of Attorney, Stamp Duty, Passport Translations)

200 GBP; Registration for electric and water meter (paid after the receipt of the Title Deed)

150 GBP valuvation for the property experties

All possible figures paid every year to run the property

720 GBP per year; Maintenance fee 60 GBP x 12 months (garden maintenance, pool maintenance, 24 hours security, communal lightning, communal cleaning

And watering, all complex facilities)

120 GBP per year; House and content insurance

120 GBP per year Property tax i.e. council tax (beginning in the following year after the purchase date)

Utility bills & expenses depending on the following cases:

Below figures are valid if the property is rented intensively all summer:

150 GBP per year; Rental management annual fee

180 GBP per year; Electricity bills, 20 GBP to 40 GBP per months during 6 months

30 GBP per year; Water bills, including garbage tax added to bills

10 GBP per year; Gas bottles for cooker

Below figures are valid in case the property is not rented; but used as holiday home by owners, relatives, friends, and etc. for around 10-15 weeks a year:

120 GBP per year; Electricity bills

20 GBP per year; Water bills, including garbage tax added to bills

20 GBP per year; Gas bottles for cooker

Below figures are valid if the owner lives in the property more or less permanently all year:

180 GBP per year; Electricity bills

30 GBP per year; Water bills, including garbage tax added to bills

30 GBP per year; Gas bottles for cooker

Expenses if you consider selling your property in the future

If you resale within 5 years after the purchase:

20 to 30% of the profit is paid as capital gain 30% of the profit is paid as tax if your profit is more than 17,500 GBP.

The figures are calculated based on the amount declared on Title Deed.

If you resale in 5 years or more after the purchase;

No any capital gain tax paid



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