Places to Visit in Fethiye

Kasım 29, 2021

Places to Visit in Fethiye; Just 15 minutes on the bus to the attractive bustling harbour town of Fethiye set against the back drop of the Taurus Mountains. From here you can get buses to explore the rest of the area. In Fethiye there is an old town to explore, wander along the lovely harbour, visit the bazaar open daily or barter down the prices at the huge Tuesday Market.
In Fethiye there are numerous agencies specialising in tourist trips.
The bus to Fethiye stops walking distance from the holiday villas or summer apartment. It can also be reached by a pleasant trip on the water taxi from Calis centre.


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The summer holiday detached villas or holiday apartments are an easy flat walk of max 9 minutes to the calis beach and the resort centre. The beach in Calis is shingle and stretches for many miles. There is a cooling breeze which is very welcome in the height of summer.
The promenade is lined with restaurants and bars from where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful sunsets in the evening with enjoying your drink watching the sunset view.
In Calis there is a waterpark walking distance, plenty of shops, some water sports and a Sunday market for fresh fruit and fresh vegetable. There are plenty of tourism agencies organising boat tourist trips within the resort.


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The beautiful Blue lagoon here there is an amazing beach and an attractive resort with beach side bars shops and restaurants. There are many water sports on the beach here. Children will love the shallow water of the lagoon and chasing shoals of fish. Oludeniz is only 30 minutes on the bus from Fethiye region.

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These tombs were excavated into the natural rock in the fourth century BC during the Lycia Period. The ones on the picture below are of the tombs at Dalyan but Fethiye has similar.

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This is a 14th century very old village that until 1922 housed Greek occupants. Turkish government signed a population exchange agreement with Greece the occupants left leaving it deserted. Not far away and worth a visit.


An icy cold river rushes down a 310 metre gorge for 19 km. This is a beautiful refuge on a hot summer day where you enjoy a picnic or eat at one of the rustic restaurants overhanging the river. You can also take an exhilarating rubber tube ride down the river.


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Dalyan has thermal springs containing many minerals as well as mud baths. Dalyan has many therapeutic hot springs. The waters are believed to cure rheumatism, skin, liver, spleen and bowel complaints, as well as being beneficial for nervous and digestive disorders. The Sultanates Thermal Bath which is famous in Turkey, the water is 35 degrees Centigrade. The mud baths are also said to remedy rheumatism as well as cleanse and beautify the skin. Once you have covered yourself in the mud, wait for a few minutes to dry it. You then clean yourself in the sulphur pool. Mud bath is also at a temperature of 40 degrees, a must for a day trip.

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This lovely small residential village is only 20 km away from Fethiye. Gocek is a picturesque residential place, which has become an important centre for the yachting / sailing set. You can relax here and enjoy a lunch in one of the many restaurants cafe and bars. You can also visit the market on Sundays. To get there either by Dolmus from Fethiye or try one of the boats in Fethiye harbour.


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