Investment in Real Estate in Turkey?

Aralık 3, 2021
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Investment in Real Estate in Turkey?; Living in Turkey attracts many foreigners in 2021. The facts that it has a more stable structure compared to the neighbouring countries and rapidly developing economy increases the living conditions rapidly.

Turkey, which has lands in both Asia and Europe, has many historical and touristic places. Therefore, if you want to live here and invest in real estate, you have many choices.

However, every investor naturally considers whether it makes sense before investing. If you work with the right company, it is possible to see great advantages as a result of your investment in real estate Turkey.

Thus, no matter which city you buy from, you can find the most beautiful place and increase your real estate value in the future.

Which Real Estate Investments Can Be Made in Turkey?

If you want to invest in real estate in Turkey and you think if it makes sense, first of all, you should know what you can buy within the scope of real estate. If you are considering the living in Turkey option, this is among the most important steps.

In this respect, foreign nationals can buy immovables such as residences, workplaces, land and fields, provided that they comply with the restrictions specified in the law.

Where does it make sense to buy real estate in Turkey?

If you are going to buy real estate in Turkey, there are many options. There are villa options as well as 1 bedroom apartment Turkey. This decision is yours and it is recommended that you act according to your needs.

Most real estate projects have many technological possibilities to make your life more practical and luxurious. In addition, social activity opportunities are also included in the projects. Therefore, especially new projects offer many opportunities.

This also applies to where in Turkey you will buy real estate. If you are considering a touristic place, Antalya centre or touristic districts can be preferred. In addition, a large metropolis like Istanbul can be considered.

In which city you want to live, the real estate you will buy should be accordingly. The only thing you need to pay attention to is where in the city it is. This situation also affects the valuation of the investment in the future.

If you work with a professional company in the field, even if you buy a 2 bedroom apartment in Turkey, you can make big investments in the coming years. Our company offers you the best opportunities with its expert teams.

Why Buy Real Estate from Turkey?

If you want to live in Turkey, it is necessary to make the right investments for buying property in Turkey 2021. The Turkish emak market has shown a rapid development in the last 10 years, and many foreigners have benefited from this development. In this context, many advantages are offered to foreigners. When these are examined, the main lines are seen as follows;

  1. A strong economy and affordable real estate prices: Prices get cheaper as you move away from lively cities in Turkey. In addition, compared to Europe and America, luxury real estates are offered at more affordable prices.
  2. Wide portfolio range: The Turkish real estate market has advanced its portfolio for apartments, villas and studios in the last 10 years. As new construction continues, there are many options. Every part of Turkey offers you unlimited possibilities.
  3. Easy purchasing processes: Buying property in Turkey is quite easy. Especially working with expert and professional companies makes these processes faster.
  4. Payment terms: The real estate sector in Turkey offers payment terms suitable for every budget. When affordable prices are added, an investor-friendly structure emerges.
  5. Low cost of living: Regardless of where you live, living costs are important in the region where you buy real estate. When Turkey is evaluated in this sense in general, it provides high living standards at affordable prices. Rent, restaurant, market and other living costs are lower.
  6. Easy access: Turkey, which has a unique geographical location in Asia and Europe, offers easy access to other countries. Airports offer great opportunities in this regard. In addition, transportation within the country is very convenient.
  7. Interest and activity: Cultural and artistic activities are quite intense in cities in Turkey. In addition, ski and holiday centres are also quite developed.
  8. High investment potential: Affordable prices, growing projects and stable tourism market in Turkey offer a high investment potential.
  9. Health system: Everyone in Turkey can easily benefit from public and private health services. These are available at affordable and affordable prices. It is offered with high service quality.
  10. Being a Turkish citizen: Turkish citizenship is given to those who are ready to move in Turkey and have a minimum value of 250,000 dollars under construction. This includes those who pledged to purchase $250,000 property from a notary public. If the conditions are met, citizenship is confirmed in a short time.

If you want to buy real estate in Turkey, you have many opportunities. Apartments for sale in Turkey sea view helps you wake up more fresh every day. It is also possible to prefer quiet places in the forest.

All these advantages make buying real estate in Turkey even more advantageous.

What Should Be Considered Before Buying a Property?

Wherever you are in the world, there are some points to consider before purchasing a property. This also applies to living in Turkey. In general, these are as follows;

  1. It should be learned whether there are restrictions on the immovable property, such as foreclosures or mortgages.
  2. A preliminary application must be made to the title deed directorates for the transfer process.
  3. The transfer of ownership of the immovable is possible with the official deed and registration to be signed at the land registry offices.
  4. A residence permit is not required to purchase a property.

Managing this process professionally will help you get better results. Our company manages all processes with its expert staff and offers all the advantages of living in Turkey in a short time.

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