How to buy Property Turkey Safely

Kasım 29, 2021
property turkey

How to buy Property Turkey Safely; European or British people can easily purchase real estate in Turkey. The foreign buyer doesn’t need to be involved in the procedure once the sale is concluded by an agreement. The only things the buyer needs to do are as follow below items:

The purchaser is taken to a notary office for him to give a power of attorney (POA) to the third party knowledge solicitor that will follow and finalize the procedure title deed (tapu) etc. This third party might be a solicitor or the trustable real estate agent in charge.
The purchaser need to wait about 4/5 days for the procedure to be finalized upon the valuation of the property by real estate expert needed for the title deed (Tapu) to be handled to the buyer.

property turkey

In case you would like to know more about the procedure carried out by the third party after the POA is given:

your solicitore organize the valuation expertise behalf of you to be able to possess and complete deal a real estate in Turkey. This valuation document need it whose result is positive anyway but it goes slow and takes a few days to receive the answer. This is why the new owner needs to wait up to 4/5 days to get the title deed.
Once the valuation report is received, the necessary paperwork is prepared in a few dyas and then the Title Deed is received from the relevant Tapu Office. The Title Deed (Tapu) is the Turkish document proving that the property belongs to a person.

bungalow for sale in uzumlu fethiye

Once the necessary amount of payments is completed as per the sale agreement, the new owner doesn’t need to wait for the finalization of the valuation Authorization and Title Deed documents to start to use the property. Buyer can immediately start to live in the property or rent it out, etc.

When the Title Deed is change to buyer name, the electricity and water meters of the property can then be registered on the name of the new owner. This is also a job to be performed by the real estate agent or solicitor as per the POA given at first stage.



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