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Aralık 1, 2021
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After Sales Service Property Turkey; You are warm welcome to ESTATES TURKEY Aftersales.

Our team is here to help and advise you with all aspects of buying a new property turkey.  We understand how important information and assistance is when purchase a home in turkey abroad so our team here to help you A till Z.

When you making that all important decision to purchase a turkey home, you will meet our Customer Advisor and Aftersales Representative.  The Customer Advisor will explain all the necessary procedures for purchase a property in Turkey including the assistance with bank accounts details, outstanding utility bills and connections to water, gas and electricity.  We can also give advice on furniture shopping including white goods for your new home in Turkey.

Our Customer Advisor will reply as many questions from you as possible to make things easier, we have provided some of the most frequently asked questions at the back of this booklet.

Working from our Head Office in Fethiye will be the Customer Advisor and another team who are responsible for making sure that your emails and phone calls reach the right department and the right person.  We have also included information about the services, advice and practical help available to you as a valued Property Turkey Customer.

Buying a property in turkey is a huge investment for everybody, purchase abroad can be daunting for people. The Estates Turkey Team are with you every step of the progress. We have an Aftersales Department that is here to help you with any issues and problem which you may encounter. Below you will find a list of that which we, as Europeans living in Turkey consider are important factors of everyday living

Renovation to property, Banking advice, Health Insurance, Property & Contents Insurance, Utility Bills, Garden Maintenance, 24 hour Security, Housekeeping, Pool Cleaning, Translating of all Legal Documents, Telephone and internet connection, Furnishing the house shopping, Importation of Home Furnishing, Local Information, 24 hour contact number, Airport Transfers, Title Deeds (Tapu), Purchaser pay the expenses, Advice on obtaining Residence Permit

There may be more that you feel we can do to help you with all necessary items. With all this in mind, we hope that the Aftersales Team will take it off in your mind some of the pressures that you have once thought were a problem or hard. Our main aim is Customer Satisfaction and we will endeavour to help in always. All you need to do is contact the Aftersales Office to speak to one of our knowledgeable staff. Peace of Ming Warranty

off plan villa in turkey for sale
Off Plan Detached Villa for sale in Turkey


Power of attorney at the local notary office which will give your solicitor Representative permission to execute all the necessary paperwork required for home property purchase in Turkey.  This document is for purchase only on your name real estate and cannot be used for any other purpose.  On completion and issue of the title deeds the power of attorney can be cancelled any time when you want. With This document power of attorney also enables your solicitor can arrange installation of water and electricity meters subtraction.


Capital Gains tax is only payable if two or more properties are purchased then sold within a five year period.  The amount paid is approximately 25% of the profit.  Capital Gain Tax is not payable on the sale of one property.  Turkey is a signatory to a Treaty for the Prevention of Double Taxation.  In principle this enables off setting tax paid in one of two countries against the tax payable to the other.  This prevents double taxation.


One of our aftersales staff will take you to bank open a bank account for your money transaction for the property turkey future needs.  Most of the banks offer internet banking, English web pages and have English speaking staff.  It will take approximately 30 minutes and you will need your passport and water or electricity bill from your country for the proof your address.  Sterling, Turkish Lira and Euro and Dolar Accounts are possible. Also you will need a tax number to open an account


All property owners are required to have a tax number which is issued locally.  Aftersales will arrange this for you.  For more details regarding taxation please contact your Customer Advisor.


Once you have register your home in turkey Title Deeds, Aftersales will assist you with insurance cover purchase for your property in turkey and contents.  The cost will vary according to the size and furniture value of your home in turkey and it is advisable to take quotes before making a decision.  The insurance policy will include building contents and earthquake cover.  Health insurance is separate and is issued dependent on age and any prevailing medical conditions.


Water and electricity metres will be installed at your new home in turkey after your Title Deeds have been issued.  There is a fee to be paid for the connection and the meter installation.  This will be approximately 400 GBP but the actual cost will vary according to exchange rates and inflation.

Bills are issued every two months from both utility companies.  At present only electricity bills can be paid with automatic bank payments from any bank.  Water can be paid automatically through one bank only at present.


All visitors in Turkey must have an entry visa which is £10 (current fee) per person at the point of entry.  This visa is multiple entry and valid for only three months.  It can only be renewed by leaving the country and re-entering.  This can be done in a day by travelling to Rhodes but it is advisable not to do this too often.

The other alternative is to apply for a Residency permit.  The permit issued for a minimal of one year to a maximum of five years and can be obtained locally.  It will take between 3-8 weeks depending on the method of application.  Aftersales will be able to give advice.

property in turkey for sale


Fethiye has a wide variety of shops to suite for all budgets and tastes.  Our Aftersales team will discuss your requirements prior to your FURNITURE shopping trip and will also advice on quality, value for money and delivery and installed requirements for your property in turkey.  Everything you need for your new home is available from ultra-modern to classical Turkish the choice is yours! We have internal designer will help you to make more homely

We know most of the local furniture shops and we have quite strong negotiation skill behalf of you

You can obtain progress reports and photographs from your regional aftersales office on request.


Contact us via telephone +90 (536) 785 59 51 including what’s ap and viber or via email and one of our knowledgeable and friendly team will get back to you with the advice and assistance that you need.


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