What You Say About Us, Testimonial from our client Please trust Ismail with his instincts, knowledge and professionalism,
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Please trust Ismail with his instincts, knowledge and professionalism,

15 July 2018, 23:44

We found the whole experience of both selling and buying a property in Turkey rather daunting and difficult until we met up with Ismail.  We need not have bothered worrying as you could not hope to find such a nice warm and friendly and ever patient professional person.

We met Ismail for the first time, after having a bad experience selling our property previously bought in 2009, and he had an idea of what we wanted to buy.

Our demands were simple, we wanted a 3 bed, 3 bath duplex apartment on a small complex, and Ismail showed us an endless list of viewings, as to what we wanted and where we wanted to buy.

Over several days In March, when it was not that warm, although dry and sunny, he showed us many properties, which just didn’t fit what we wanted, our favourite choice had been sold, which made Ismail search even more.

On the last day before we flew back to the UK, we had one final look around, and revisited several we had viewed before, but to no avail. But by chance he had an idea of an apartment for sale, but no keys, it looked fine from the outside, but we needed to look around the inside, and we had not seen this property in any brochure.

Ismail asked us to wait in the car, and with his resourcefulness he managed to find some keys, and we went into the apartment, it was ideal, all that we wanted and located in a sunny position, plenty of light, and no ghastly iron grilles protecting the doors, and windows, but it was secure.

We placed a deposit to hold the property, and the rest is history.  We are very happy with the property and its location.

Please trust Ismail with his instincts, knowledge and professionalism, he is trustworthy and reliable and will find you the property you require.

John and Glynis Padgett   Leeds, UK


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