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Alma and Stuart Grant.

29 January 2018, 14:20

We have just sold our house in Calis, Turkey.

Our Agent was Ismail Delibasan (Estates Turkey) to anyone wishing to sell or buy property in Turkey we would unhesitatingly recommend Ismail, he found us a buyer within four months.

Ismail speaks excellent English and is completely trustworthy. He treated us with great kindness and expertise arranging everything to do with the sale and also organising the transport of our personal effects back to England.

Ismail made what could have been a difficult time simple and straightforward and is a true Turkish gentleman.

We will always think of you as a true Turkish gentleman,

 Alma and Stuart Grant.

Michele & Stefania Drudi

Dear Ismail,

Thanks for everything; we really enjoyed our stay in Calis Fethiye we appreciated your hard working for us without you impossible to purchase the flat, you really work hard for us.

We were very lucky that we found ESTATES TURKEY, 25 Sept 2013

Buying a home abroad can be a very tough experience. You have to find people you can trust, which is not easy when you consider it is thousands of euros we are talking about. My husband and I have done exactly that and bought our first 3 bedroom apartment in calis fethiye Turkey in 2014...We were very lucky that we found ESTATES TURKEY that not only could we trust but have become our friends as well. A true gentleman named Ismail looked after us as soon as we landed and arranged transport and hotels. Buying a house in Turkey is different than in Italia but Estates Turkey made it so easy for us to understand. Thanks to Ismail, rest of the staff. We are now proud owners of 1 beautiful apartment in Turkey.

See you soon



Linda Thorley

I have met Ismail and spent a day with him looking at many properties...Definitely Estates Turkey works 'by the book'....If you try to cut corners...they wont play ball! Its for your benefit to get a Solicitor which Ismail and his partner wholly recommend and encourage. Nothing is too much trouble....whether you have your own ideas of what you want or are seeking advice and guidance based on years of experience of the area of Fethiye, Calis, Olu Deniz, Bodrum and further afield...then you will be taken round by the people who know which properties would suit your needs and as Ismail knows the who, what, where, how, when, you are in very good hands... Estates Turkey has shown its value in the Property Estates business as they give a totally honest opinion based on facts. My personal example of this...I was interested in buying a one or two bedroomed apartment looking over Fethiye Bay from Calis...There were some for sale in a particular block which faced the sea and were literally right on the beach. These properties were a ridiculously cheap investment...STOP! Not an investment as Ismail informed me...Some problems with licences and he told me that if I went ahead it would be years of problems for me or any other buyer...I listened and backed away...THAT is the kind of advice we, as non Turks need...Dont rush into anything...ask questions and listen to Ismail and Estates Turkey they are well connected and want to protect us from a bad investment and will only advise on legitimately built properties, with the correct building and habitation licences...You will most definitely be in safe hands...Good luck to Estates Turkey you deserve every success for your honest approach and top notch advice...

Kindest Regards...

Linda Thorley.


Erdogan & Ergül Acar aus Köln

„Wir hätten vorher nie wissen können, dass wir mal einer aus dieser Gegend werden“

Das Ganze hat mit einem geplanten Erholungsurlaub im November.2014 nach Fethiye angefangen.

Am ersten Tag als wir mit meiner Frau in Fethiye angekommen sind, gab es ein stürmisches Gewitter so dass ganz Fethiye überflutet war. Dies war für diesen Ort sehr ungewöhnlich weil es in Fethiye kaum regnet. Doch wir hatten das Gefühl, dass es ein positives Zeichen für uns ist.

Am nächsten Tag sind wir mit unseren Verwandten, die in Fethiye wohnen, zum Abendessen gefahren. Zufällig trafen wir einen Freund von unseren Verwandten.

Und zwar war das der liebe Ismail. Nach einem leckerem Essen und einer netten

Unterhaltung haben wir erfahren dass der liebe Ismail Immobilienfachmann ist. Mit seiner netten und menschlichen Art ist er ein Freund für alle Fälle.

Zudem erfuhren wir dass er für seine „Kunden/Freunde“ sehr zuverlässig und flexibel ist. Nicht nur als Immobilienverkäufer durften wir Ihn kennenlernen gleichzeitig stellte er sich auch als Reiseführer für uns zur Verfügung, damit wir Fethiye einfach besser kennenlernen.

Warum ich das alles erzähle?!

In dem schon erwähnten netten Gespräch gab uns der Ismail eine Empfehlung, dass wir auch Besitzer einer Immobilie werden können. Ich ging mit meinen Gedanken hin und her doch ganz schlüssig  war ich mit einer Entscheidung nicht.

Doch dank Ismail’s Fachwissen und grandiosen Ideen und vor allem wegen seiner freundlichen, hilfsbereiten und sehr menschlichen Art sind wir nun stolze Besitzer einer Ferienwohnung und somit „Einer von dieser Gegend“.

Meine Frau und Ich bedanken uns recht herzlich bei dir Ismail für alles was du für uns getan hast. So einen menschlichen, vertrauensvollen und freundlichen Immobilienfachmann können wir nur weiterempfehlen.

Viele liebe Grüße aus Köln

Erdogan & Ergül ACAR


Agata Lewandowska & Rafal Godlewski

We have purchased a property in 2013 in Calis area.

We were looking for a unique and as private as possible 2 bedroom apartment with easy access to all amenities.

Mr. Delibasan understood exactly what I’m looking for and within 2 days he found a property which was one of a kind.  From the moment I have entered the property I knew this is the one. Searching for a property is not that easy, therefore having Mr. Delibasan to help us deal with every detail was priceless.  His knowledge about area is great. He had also recommended us places where we can buy furniture, air conditioning and all the other stuff.  He was always happy to help us with whatever we needed. Even after the sale was completed we always could have call him for help, which was very much appreciated. I would without a doubt recommend Mr. Ismail Delibasan, I’m certain you will be satisfied with your purchase as much as we were. Our apartment turned out to be a real hit. All our family, friends and guests love it.

Thank you Ismail for making our Turkish dream to come true



Ravindra Barot

Hello Ismail

Thank you very much for arranging the flat and tittle deed (tapu) etc. It’s difficult to get exact dates from Shalini, but as soon as she knows I will write to you for the furnitures shopping trips. Just now I get pictures of water and electricity meters? And also a letter from the lawyer and the address

Take care



Elana Wolf

Dear Ismail,

Nice to hear from you, we are good, thanks, in London at the moment.  I think I did mention it to them but if not, I am copying my friend Karen here.  Karen, Ismail helped us find our house in Fethiye and he had done a great job, not wasting any of our time and not pushing us for anything and showing only relevant properties. 

He deals with all kind if properties including land.. Perhaps, you and Johan will be interested to see what he has to offer.

Karen, I hope you are having a nice time on your holiday

Best Regards



Ольга и Алексей, Москва

Мы очень благодарны Исмаилу за его помощь с покупкой виллы в Узюмлю (около Фетхие) летом 2017 года. Выбор дома, переговоры с продавцом и оформление покупки были проведены очень профессионально, Исмаил постоянно держал процесс под контролем и мгновенно решал все вопросы. Терпение и доброжелательность, которые он проявил, были очень важны для нас. При выборе дома Исмаил не навязывал нам что-либо, а показывал те дома, которые могли соответствовать нашим ожиданиям, при этом объективно и профессионально рассказывал о достоинствах и недостатках каждого дома.  Оформление покупки с получением тапу прошло без всяких проблем, благодаря отличной совместной работе Исмаила и рекомендованного им юриста.

Отдельная благодарность Исмаилу за помощь, которую он оказывает после покупки. Мы чувствуем его поддержку и знаем что можем всегда рассчитывать на него. Новый дом - это всегда множество разнообразных дел, покупка мебели, оформление дома и участка, договоренности с местными жителями, со всем этим Исмаил нам очень оперативно помогает. Фетхие город небольшой, Исмаил знает в нем все и всех, и заказать что-либо в магазинах или вызвать любых мастеров – для него не проблема.  

С удовольствием рекомендуем воспользоваться услугами Исмаила всем, кто собирается приобрести дом или апартаменты в Фетхие, Узюмлю, на знаменитых пляжах Чалыш и Олюдениз, в городах Гёчек, Каш и Калкан.    

JR Mallett London

I recently sold my property in Uzumlu with the help of Ismail and Estates Turkey.  My property had been for sale for two years without a serious offer.  When Ismail contacted me he proposed a realistic sale price and within 4 weeks I had received an offer which I accepted.  Ismail was tenacious, professional and courteous at all times and even when we encountered some problems with the buyer Ismail ensured the sale proceeded smoothly.  He also recommended an excellent lawyer who was fluent in Turkish and English and with her help the legalities of the sale were executed without a hitch.  I received my money in my UK bank account within 3 days of the completion of the sale.


I strongly recommend Ismail and the team from Estates Turkey


JR Mallett



Mushtaq Rajah


Dear Ismail Delibasan 

I never been able to thank you properly i arrived in March 2017 for only 6 days in this short period you worked very hard to find me a brand new 3 bed 3 bath with private pool villa for a very reasonable price.

You arranged for a solicitor for conveyance and the deal was completed in April after the completion you worked very hard to fully furnish the villa. In July I came back with my family you were there to receive us I was surprised to see the place you changed it with your skill everything was in place and very comfortable. 


Mushtaq Rajah 

It wasn’t like an estate agent but I found you as a good friend because you were very sincere I am impressed and grateful.

Elizabeth and Ian Philips

In 2016 my wife and I purchased a villa in Ovacik.

Ismail Delibasan was the agent through whom we successfully and painlessly purchased the villa.

Throughout our search for a property and subsequent purchase of a villa, Ismail was very professional and extremely helpful, everything that he said he would do he did and without his assistance the process would not have proceeded so smoothly.

We can with full confidence and without hesitation recommend the services Ismail Delibasan.

Ian and Elizabeth Phillips

السلام عليكم

السيد اسماعيل من الأشخاص الي عندهم خبرات طويله في مجال العقار في منطقة فتحيه جنوب نوكيا عند أول زيارة قبل قرار شراء الشقه استقبال دافئ وعرفنا علي معظم الأحياء في مدينة فتحيه ثم اخزنا نظره علي جميع الشقق في الأحياء وساعدنا كثير في اختيار الموقع والحمد لله كان موقع بجواره جميع الخدمات والشقه مطلع علي مزارع وغابات من جهة والجنه الأخري الخدمات الاساسيه من مطاعم ومول وسوبر ماركات لذالك من وجهة نظر شخصيه أنا أنصح وبشده التعامل والمصداقية من صفات السيد اسماعيل ولولا الله ثم الاستاذ اسماعيل لما حصلنا علي الشقه حسب متطلباتها


                                                                                                                                              السيد فهد وحرمه


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