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Estates Turkey Holiday Lettings

Estates Turkey is offering a rentals service whereby the company will undertake to offer and manage the rental of property on behalf of owners.  If you do not intend to live in your property on a permanent basis then renting your villa or apartment is an excellent way to cover the running expenses of your property and generate a return on your investment.

With our help and expertise, we are able to guide and assist property owners on all aspects of renting out their property.  For the use of our services, we charge 20% of the rental money received which is deducted before payment of the net amount to the owners Turkish Bank Accounts. 


This document contains information on our property management system regarding the use of the property by Tenants trough lettings, and by Owners & their Guests, and on the duties of both Estates Turkey Rentals and Owner. In case Owner agrees with the content of this document, it is undersigned by both sides and it becomes a rental agreement valid for a year beginning from the date it is undersigned.

Our working system

As Estates Turkey Rentals Department, we organize and perform the whole process of letting management from the beginning till the end. Our department work as a part of after sales on purpose of providing extra letting income for Owners. We are not a letting agency and don’t work on commission & on profit purpose. Our selling prices for lettings vary depending on various market conditions such as; general letting demand, early bookings, last minute bookings, seasonal tourism conditions, returning customers, etc. Our main purpose is to provide as many weeks rented out as possible and to create an extra income for Owner, for when the property is available. In some cases we let the properties out without any profit for our department.

Advertising & Marketing

We use all modern and popular channels of advertising & marketing. We advertise our properties on our own website, on our letting agencies’ websites, on the popular letting websites; we prepare catalogues, booklets, boards; we assist in international tourist exhibitions. Our marketing & sales activities are made both directly by us and through our cooperated agencies. Basically the half of the bookings is provided directly by our departments and the other half by our agencies.

Agency Agreements

We work in cooperation with over 15 agencies abroad (U.K., Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Ukraine) and in Turkey. We have new agreements with new agencies every year. We provide them all information and pictures of properties and availability schedule online. They use information and pictures we provide on their own marketing channels. Agencies gain 20-25% commission on every sale. This has no effect on the fixed net incomes of owners.

Letting Incomes for Owners

The bookings are provided either by Estates Turkey Rentals directly or through our contracted holiday agencies we cooperate with. The selling prices vary depending on various conditions. In case of booking, regardless of selling prices or the source of the booking, Owner receives anyway, the fixed net rental incomes agreed as follows:

High Season,          July & August               …………… GBP per week,

Medium Season,     June & September         …………… GBP per week,

Low Season,           May & October              …………… GBP per week.

The incomes are credited into Owner account in the following month of the letting term. Owners must have a local bank account, which details will be stated in the end of this document. The schedule of the net rental incomes per property type and per term of season is also provided separately on “2013 OWNERS NET LETTING INCOMES”.


A yearly registration fee of 100 GBP will be charged from owner for the services we provide. In order to make sure the fee is not given for nothing, it is deducted from the first letting income.

Preparation of Property and Data

The property needs to be delivered by Estates Turkey to the owner, which means that the property delivery form must have been undersigned by Owner. The house must fully ready to use; fully furnished and equipped. The example of INVENTORY LIST needed for lettings is provided as a separate document. The property needs to be ready as per the inventory list. Some extra items can be added by Owner to gain letting advantage such as; Microwave, Sofa bed, Baby cot and High chair. We make and keep the list of the inventory of the property to use for our records and to advertise.

The property needs to be insured by owner.

We take pictures of all rooms, garden, building, views, terraces, etc. of the property to use in all advertising channels. These are the pictures we take especially for letting advertisement.

Owner must provide written instructions for use of the equipments that could need one, such as electronics, washing machine, etc.

Rentals Department will hold two sets of keys provided by owner.

Booking Control

We control and schedule date availabilities for bookings as per our direct lettings, agency lettings and owner use. We let the owner known immediately by e-mail, about the dates of lettings provided by our department or by our agencies so that owner notes it down on its own schedule.

To be able to use the property owner must advise beforehand, e-mailing to , the dates of its personal use i.e. Owner, family, friends, guests, etc. as soon as the dates becomes definite. We mark the dates off in our and our agencies’ schedule, and then we e-mail back owner confirming that the dates are blocked off for Owner use. It is recommended for owners not to block the dates off in July and August.

Before we confirm a booking, we may first put option on dates and wait a couple of days, and then confirm the booking. This happens when we negotiate with the potential tenant about the payment for a couple of days.

Guests Services

There are standard services we give to our tenants, such as; airport transfers, cleanings & laundry & change of linens and towels, key handling & welcoming, information pack, rep service, 24 hours contact number, breakage deposit collection & property check for damage at departure. These services, whose details are stated below, are automatically given in all letting cases and included in our letting management. In case of request, these services are also given to owners, their guests, friends, etc for a cost. Our list of EXTRA SERVICES and prices is provided as a separate document. The costs of extra services assumed by owner will be deducted from the letting income in the end of the month. These can also be collected from the guests in case of request.

Airport Transfers

We arrange private transfers for tenants from and to the airport. For this, we need name of the party leader to put on the board that driver holds at the airport, number of people, arrival & departure flight numbers, dates, landing time and departure time at the Dalaman Airport. All passengers transferred through us are automatically under journey insurance.

Key Handling & Welcoming

A Rentals & After Sales representative welcome all tenants at the complex, handle the key, and help them to settle in the house. Also verbal information on the area, residence and property are given.

Starter pack

We provide a starter pack of food and beverage containing; Water, Milk, Fruit Juice, Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Cheese, Butter, Jam and bread. The pack is enough for up to 6 people.

Info Pack & 24 hours assistance service

A Rentals & After Sales representative is in charge during all accommodation for any need of information, look into any problem with the house and provide a mobile number that is available 24 hours in case of any urgency. A printed general info pack including all information about the property, complex, area, rules, advices, conditions etc. and 24 hours assistance phone number are given to tenants on arrival.

Contract with tenants & Collection of Breakage Deposit & Damage Check

We sign letting contract with every tenant. The contract includes the procedure, term and conditions for tenants, responsibilities of tenant, non-responsibility of owner in case of any inconvenience, security measures, rules & advices, and also damage compensation. We take a breakage deposit of 200 GBP from tenants on arrival. We check the house for any visible damage or loss before departure and we refund the deposit in case of no damage or loss. Some little marks on walls or a few missing glassware are tolerable. We don’t accept large groups of teenagers, people we think unreliable, pets and all that could damage the property.

Cleaning & Laundry & Change of Linens & Towels

We organize all cleaning & laundry activities of the property we have a rentals agreement with, both in letting cases and in case of owner & guest use. In term of cost, everyone is responsible of its own departure cleaning, with the principle of “everyone leaves the house clean”. We arrange midweek and departure cleanings for all lettings we provide, at our expense. On the 4th days of 1 week letting, and every 5 days of 2 or more weeks letting, the house is cleaned, the bed linens & towels are changed and the used ones go for laundry.

We organize owners’ or their guests’ departure cleanings at owner’s expense. After all departures, the cleaning is done within 24 hours. All cleanings must be organized by our department since we have got a standard for cleaning & preparation of the house for letting. For owner’s guests stays more than one week, a mid-stay cleaning & laundry is recommended. Otherwise an extra laundry cost of 15-20 GBP will occur after departure, since all linens & towels will probably have been used by the guests during the accommodation.


Electricity, water and gas expenses occurred in letting terms are due to be paid by owners.


In case of need of repairs in the property during the tenants’ accommodation, we inform Owner and fix the problem immediately. Depending the nature of the problem, the cost might be at owner’s or at after sales expense.

Booking Cancellation

Booking cancellations happen very rarely. In case of cancellation, we try to replace another booking on the dates. If we cannot do it, we refund the 30% of the supposed income to owner if the cancellation has happened less than a month before the starting date of the booking. If the cancellation happens more than a month before the starting date of the booking, there is no compensation. But we still try to rebook the dates with a privileged attention.


Estates Turkey Rentals and Owner agree with the terms, conditions and duties stated in this document.

Property                 :                                                           Property Type   :

Owner Name           :

E-mail address        :

Home Phone           :                                                           Mobile Phone    :

Bank Name             :                                                           Branch & Code  :

Account No             :

Agreement dated as of        ………………………………         and is valid until            …………………………………


Owner                                                                                 Estates Turkey Rentals             

……………………………………                                             ……………………………………