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About Estates Turkey

Estates Turkey offers to specialise in personalised Property Turkey services. We have over 15 year’s strong experience in the Turkish real estate market. Based in UK London and with offices across Turkey, We provide our clients with both Buy Real Estate and Sell Real Estate services for Lifestyle and Investment covering the area from Aegean, Mediterranean, Marmaracost, Blacksea, 


Our aim is to match the property with your personality and needs. We have over 15 years of experience in property market with numerous of returning customers. With an extensive knowledge of the market and local contacts we have a very strong bargaining power and ability to secure the best possible price for your dream property. We will assist you from the day one to years after you purchase your property to guarantee your PIECE OF MIND. We also provide after sale services to make your move smooth with furniture shopping, white goods as well as interior designers from around the area. Our property marketing portfolio ranges from deluxe houses, villas, bungalows and luxury apartments to affordable beautiful real estate and investment residential properties , while our sales team pride themselves in bringing exceptional service to the premium holiday homes and residential properties market. Estates Turkey has a range portfolio property Turkey for sale Lifestyle & Investment.

10 Reasons to choose Estates Turkey to buy a property in Turkey

1.      Estates Turkey supply best property service in Turkey

2.      Estates Turkey specialise in selling property in Turkey

3.      Estates Turkey do not apply pressure or use the “hard sell

4.      Estates Turkey has a professional after-sales service available

5.      Estates Turkey has friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff

6.      Estates Turkey arrange everything for your personalised viewing trip

7.      Estates Turkey aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours for you

8.      Estates Turkey has many satisfied clients who own property in Turkey

9.      Estates Turkey has a dedicated Turkish property website with many helpful links

10.    Estates Turkey has a wealth of knowledge about property and real estate in Turkey

Estates Turkey, Contact Us via telephone including what’s up and viber + 44 (0) 779 602 12 27 or via email and one of our knowledgeable and friendly team will get back to you shortly with the advice and assistance that you need about Turkish Real Estate.