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Recently in Estates Turkey Blog

The Living cost in Turkey is considerably less than it is in Europe. The living cost in Fethiye is even much less than the bigger cities in Turkey. An income of around 300-400 GBP per person per month will afford a very nice living in prosperity and happiness in Fethiye. Here are a few examples of costs for the nice and easy life in Fethiye:

- A very nice dinner in a good restaurant costs 10 to 20 GBP per person, including drinks

- A nice lunch of kebabs, pizzas, fast food or Turkish food cost 3 to 8 GBP per person

- Local transports cost 050 to 0.90 GBP per person, water shuttle 2 GBP

- A boat trip all day including BBQ lunch cost 8 GBP per person

- Brand new car hire costs 150-180 GBP per week (British driving license is valid in Turkey)

- Nice walks along the beaches and seaside promenades, watching picturesque sunset, easy way of living with no rush, nice smells of flowers and nature, mountain and se views, friendly people, more than 300 sunny days a year, etc. are free of charge